If you want a completely hassle-free experience depositing and withdrawing at your favourite poker online site, look no further than using a Visa credit card.

Safe, secure and fast, using Visa avoids the rigmarole of bank transfers and using checks, and if you don't have sufficient funds in your normal bank account, a US Visa poker site can provide a quick option on credit for players in America. What's more, accepting Visa is standard amongst US internet poker rooms, meaning of all the payment options it is probably the best. For Visa users, it gives you the widest choice of sites to play on.

We found the best rooms for Visa credit card US poker players:

  • Deposit and withdraw funds without hassle
  • Take advantage of great deposit cash bonuses
  • Play real-money Hold'em against thousands of players

So why Visa? Visa is the most widely accepted credit card among US poker sites, they offer highly secure payment processing, and the withdrawals are relatively fast. If a Visa poker room accepts US players, you know you are in good hands. The bottom line is, if you are eligible for a Visa credit card, take advantage now!


Some of the biggest benefits of using your Visa card to make a deposit include instant credit from the site upon approval, which means you'll be able to play right away, as opposed to other methods like Wire Transfers. That means you can get on playing straight away in your favourite cash game and start gunning for those VIP rewards much quicker.


Visa poker websites that accept US players give you instant access to your money, meaning fast withdrawals and simple deposits. Once you have applied to a credit card company for your Visa card and received it, all you need to do is head for the Cashier area of your favourite poker online site and enter your card details. Don't forget that you will also need the CVV2 number - the short number - on the back of the card to complete the deposit.

However, a couple of things to note are that all US poker online sites use third party processors for their credit card transactions. Sometimes your initial deposit will fail. Never fear - try again, as it may just be a problem with the processor the poker website is using.

Secondly, if you are looking for the name of the real money poker site on your credit card statement, it may end up appearing as a different company name altogether. Don't worry - it's just that the poker site itself not authorizing the card itself, rather using a third party company. It is good for keeping deposits private - for both parties. The best thing to do is keep a detailed record separately of all transactions to and from a poker room so you can keep on top of all your accounts.

Look out too for deposit charges by poker rooms. Some rooms charge anything from 5-10% for Visa credit card deposits, but the rooms usually waive these if you deposit regularly. As the processing of credit card deposits is still something of a legal minefield in the USA, you need to be sure of the charges involved before you take out that Visa card from your wallet. Make sure you check with the site first before making a cash deposit, or else follow our expert guide to find out where the best Visa poker sites for US players are.


USA players who can't get a Visa card, or who have had their Visa declined, can use a prepaid Visa card instead to deposit at their favorite site - check out our dedicated page on how to use prepaid Visa cards.

We Review the Best Sites

If you are a Visa card holder, playing poker online should be quick and easy. We review the best Visa sites accepting US players so you can get playing on the internet right away.

Safest Poker Sites  

Safest Poker Sites

There’s nothing more important than keeping your money and personal info safe. That’s why we recommend only the safest sites.

Prepaid VISA  

Prepaid VISA

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If you can shop online, you gambling for real money using your Visa. We’ll show you which sites accept your favorite credit card.



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