Android Poker

Changes in mobile technology in recent years have led to more sophisticated phones and tablets, and with them have come more sophisticated smartphone apps.

Poker online is no different, and it's fair to say that Internet gambling has embraced the latest tech with both arms. More and more online poker rooms are developing their software to be played on a cell or tablet, and the advantages are obvious - after all, what's better than playing web-based poker whenever, wherever you want?

The hugely popular Android operating system is at the forefront of the online poker app market, and luckily you don't need to look far for the best poker online sites for Android devices - we have done the hunting for you.

  • Play anytime, anywhere on your Android mobile phone
  • Use Flash to play via your web browser
  • Play real money for Android and win great bonuses


To say the Android operating system has been a success over the past few years would be an understatement. Hundreds of millions of Android devices were estimated to be in use in 2012, a huge increase (some 300%) on those activated in 2011. Those kinds of stats make online poker sites' ears prick up, and they have started to launch their very own apps for Andorid devices so that cash players can play Texas Hold'em on the move.

While the biggest movers in this area are undoubtedly - currently prohibited from offering real money players online poker in the US and who have launched their own downloadable app - it doesn't mean there aren't options out there for USA Android users. Internet poker rooms are working around the clock to create safe mobile apps for players to play real money poker online from their home, work or anywhere where WiFi is available. However, Android poker sites are thin on the ground as of July 2013, but with legislation loosening up in the United States expect more to emerge over time.


Despite the lack of Android poker apps available for USA players, there are still options. The advantage of playing poker online for money on an Android device is Android's ability to use Flash. This means more Android poker websites can be accessed via your web browser. That is one distinct advantage over playing poker on an Apple iPhone or iPad.

So, it looks like Android offers the best software options, and it's obvious poker sites love the platform. But what other benefits are there to playing on your Android mobile device? Well, as opposed to playing on a laptop or PC in your bedroom, mobile poker allows you you're your favorite card games 24/7 no matter where you are. There is always someone waiting for a quick cash game or Sit n' Go. Also many of these players may be casual, just logging on for a few minutes' play on the bus. Take them down - they probably aren't paying attention! Also, Android poker sites may attract players new to the game entirely who are just trying out poker as it's easy to access on their phone. Mobile poker = more fish!

Don't forget that, as with playing online at home, concentration can be a major issue for many Android online poker players. If you are playing poker on your Android cell or tablet, whiling away the minutes or hours in front of the TV set or on the daily commute, giving poker 100 percent of your commitment could lead to bad decisions or loose calls. Online poker is all about making money so make sure you are focused! Also, if you are looking to move up and multi-table, perhaps an Android phone is a little small for your needs. Who wants to squint and concentrate on 16 tables on a tiny screen when you can move up to a tablet, or go back to the safety of your desktop machine?


One final thing to say is, and it goes without saying, that when downloading an online poker app for your Android smartphone, make sure it is an approved app from an approved source. Other than that, there should be no extra hassles that you wouldn't expect from playing online poker conventionally on your PC or Mac.


With poker apps a little light on the ground for US poker players, we'll be there as developers bring out new apps. Those apps are just around the corner, and when they do appear we will make sure to highlight and review the very best ones for you.

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