The top eCheck US Poker Online Rooms


When it comes to making a deposit on your favorite US poker online room, there seems to be an endless list of options available: credit card, debit card, a trip to your local Western Union outlet. So many possibilities; so little time. Why take so much time thinking when you want to just sit down and play Texas Hold'em?

Well, let's throw another option into the mix - eCheck.

'What's an eCheck?,' we hear you cry. An increasingly popular deposit method used by players recently, the eCheck, as the name suggests, is an electronic check sent from your bank account to the poker site. It's a good option for poker players in the United States because deposits are instantly credited at eCheck poker sites that accept US players, and debited from your bank account a few days later.

We find the best US poker sites accepting eCheck deposits:

  • Get the best welcome bonuses
  • Make quick deposits to get playing straight away
  • Offer safe and secure withdrawals of your winnings


So, how do eChecks work? You will need to get all your bank account information together first, including the bank name, account number, transit number and SWIFT code. These details will allow your favorite eCheck poker online website to withdraw the funds straight from your bank account.

Make sure you also have the account information of the poker room you are depositing to, of course. Then, head to the cashier at your local bank and make an eCheck payment over the counter. Your funds should be immediately available in your US eCheck poker site account, but they won't actually leave your bank account for a few days. This is great - as with a paper check - if you are expecting money to clear in your account in a couple of days, but don't forget to make sure you have sufficient funds before the check clears. If an eCheck is returned because you do not have sufficient funds, you will be charged anything up to $45 by your bank. Not only does it require you to make up the balance, but your favorite, friendly poker site won't be that friendly for much longer - US poker sites accepting eChecks don't like bounced checks!


Even though eCheck can be a quick and convenient option for many, it's not for everyone. Most poker rooms require a minimum deposit of $500 per transaction, and if you have any returned eChecks you won't normally be allowed to use this deposit method. When you make a deposit via your bank, you will normally be asked for your Social Security Number (SSN) to make sure you are not in any arrears or have a poor past record. Establishing a good, solid relationship with your US poker site accepting eChecks is the way to go.


When it comes to getting your money out via eCheck all USA poker online sites that offer this as a deposit method will also offer it for withdrawals, which is great because you can get the funds directly in your bank account within a few days. The only stipulation is that your deposits must have been cleared by the poker room before you request any funds since this is the only way you can ensure that you are actually going to pay for the deposits you have made.


As long as you are disciplined and can use this deposit method responsibly eChecks are one of the best ways to send and receive funds from your poker account safely and efficiently. Before Black Friday, using eChecks was one of the most popular ways to deposit at the big sites like PokerStars and Full Tilt. Post-Black Friday it is not so freely available at US poker sites, but hunt around and you will find rooms accepting the deposit method. For great US eCheck poker sites, look no further than our unrivalled guide to the top rooms on the web!

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